Jan 242015

Succeeding at Conventions and Trade Shows

RPG Design Panelcast sml

Recorded at Metatopia 2013

Presented by Avonelle Wing

Conventions are overwhelming, and setting yourself up for success involves many components: Branding yourself for visibility, interacting appropriately with the convention, maximizing the impact of your contact with your public, and other ideas. Double Exposure Senior Vice President, Avonelle Wing, will share her experiences, both as a convention organizer and as an attendee representing her own brands.

Jan 172015

Book Design 101 – First Principles

Recorded at Metatopia 2013

Presented by Fred Hicks and Hal Mangold

The panelists look at the book as an object of design. Whether it’s conveying rules or setting, the look and feel of the book itself is crucial to the experience of play. Our experts will draw on their own experiences to explain why books look the way they do.

Jan 102015

Adventure Design as Technology

Recorded at Metatopia 2014

Presented by Cam Banks & Rob Donoghue.

We started with a map and a key. There have been structural improvements since then: boxed text, wandering monsters, plot point adventures, hard and soft points, personality-driven dungeons, mad libs plots and many more. This process has not been rigors, so the spread of these ideas has been haphazard and without the thought that’s gone into rules improvements. That is a shame. Take some time to talk about these technologies and how they can help you make better adventures.


Dec 272014

Episode 41 – Designing RPGs for Kids

Presented by Amanda Valentine, Tim Rodriguez & Krista White.

Designing games intended for younger audiences doesn’t mean dumbing down. What are the additional challenges involved in making products to appeal to the younger set?

Dec 132014

Hacking Apocalypse World

Recorded at Metatopia 2014

Presented by Vincent Baker, Misha Bushyager, Marissa Kelly, Mark Richardson & Mark Diaz Truman.

Learn about the Apocalypse World engine and why it has become popular amongst indie designers. This will be a panel of veteran *World players and *World game designers, including the designer of Apocalypse World!

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