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Analysis of the Tabletop RPG Publishing Survey

In the spring of 2019, we released a survey to collect information from a variety of publishers. We had a remarkable response rate, gathering information on 71 unique products from 47 unique publishers. This Survey has given us a remarkable … Continue reading

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RPG Design Worksheets

Whenever I run workshops to teach new tabletop game designers, I produce a set of worksheets to help them explore their ideas. The latest iteration of these sheets are now ready for people to use and enjoy. Continue reading

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Tabletop RPG Publishing Budget Survey

It’s difficult to make wise decisions without robust data, and our goal was to try to share some practical information about production costs for tabletop roleplaying games. This survey is intended to get a comprehensive picture of the production costs … Continue reading

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Links for Discussions – Circle of Power Google +

Christo Meid 7 May 2017  Loss of language and assimilation? know this didn’t come up in the game I played of Circles of Power at Dreamation, but this piece by Alex Roberts got me thinking about assimilation of cultures … Continue reading

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Implied and Implicit Setting – Circle of Power Google +

+Mark Diaz Truman raised an excellent point with regards to the role of the setting for Circles of Power. The apprentice edition was very intentionally designed with a relatively bland, fill-in fantasy setting in the form of the Steel Throne. … Continue reading

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