Spark Roleplaying Game

Character Sheets

Just want to create a interesting setting in ~90 minutes? Download the Standalone Setting Creation Bundle  and follow through the instructions on pages 28-45 of the Spark RPG corebook.

Spark Quickstart Bundles

There are also a series of Quickstart Bundles, which are designed for 1-shot sessions at home or at a convention game. These Quickstarts do the prep for you so you can dive into play.

If you plan on running the game at a convention or game store, you are entitled to a free, zombie cyberpunk setting titled Carriers by Brian Engard! Contact us for more details.

Spark Teacher Guide

The Spark RPG has a free Teacher Guide available, thanks to the kind efforts of Pete Figree, as well as a free student edition of the game. Please contact me via the contact form, or email {genesisoflegend at gmail} for access.

A Spark in Fate Core

As part of the kickstarter campaign for Spark, I promised to produce a professionally-edited and illustrated free supplement for the award-winning Fate Core RPG.  This document, titled “A Spark in Fate Core” mixes the collaborative world-building of Spark with the elegant design of Fate Core. Download Here!

Posthuman Pathways

A print-and-play version of Posthuman Pathways is available on DriveThruRPG, as a Pay-What-You-Want product. This includes everything you need to play. Download Here! 

Sig: The Manual of the Primes

Here are the current version of the character sheets and other resources for Sig!