Code of Conduct

Genesis of Legend Publishing has a code of conduct, laws which govern how we operate and principles which we hold as promises to our customers and fans.


As a Canadian company, our goal is to provide our products in both official languages of English and French as soon as feasible. There is a Google powered translate option on each post which will provide an approximate translation of the content into a language of your choice.

Honest Salesman

We will not use any of the common marketing tricks to try to con you into buying our products. We won’t price things at .99 cents, or have fake sales. We will try to price our products based on what we honestly believe they are worth or explain any discrepancy.

No Digital Rights Management

We are honest, and we know you are as well. All of our products are sold without any digital rights management (DRM) as we trust you to not give away our paid products. It also offends our sensibilities as consumers to be forced to buy flawed products and rights management depends on selling such a flawed product.

Classical Copyright and Modern Copyleft

The original purpose of copyright was to ensure that authors received some kind of remuneration for the few years after they published their works. The Statute of Anne for instance, gave the author a monopoly on publication of the works for a whole 14 years. While the modern laws have extended copyright to nearly perpetuity, we agree with the original purpose. All of our products are therefore released to the Public Domain 10 years after their publication. Each copy of our books will provide this explanation and list the date upon which it becomes public domain.

Until that date, many of our works are being released under different varieties of the Creative Commons License. Please refer to the individual products for the detail of what license is applicable for that specific item. More information on creative commons licenses may be found at

Open Source Support

In producing our products, we attempt to use Open Source Software as much as possible. We try to use OpenOffice and Scribus whenever feasible. The art produced in house is done with a combination of Inkscape and The Gimp. This is all done in part with cost in mind, in part in appreciation for the high quality of those programs and in part to voice our support for the Open Source movement. For more information on open source, refer to

Green Publishing

As our author works professionally as an ecologist, we have taken an environmentally sensitive approach to work. Firstly, we are attempting to maximize the use of digital production, minimizing the waste in our operations and providing PDF products with negligible environmental impact. Secondly, our printing is done with environmental considerations in mind (usually EcoLogo certified and Forest Stewardship Council certified printing services) to ensure the paper is produce in an environmentally responsible fashion. In addition, care is being taken to minimize the fossil fuels required for shipping of the products.

Community Responsibility

Every community has problems with discrimination and harassment, and the tabletop gaming industry is no exception. We are working to help combat these problems, and will not condone racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise prejudiced behaviour. We care about providing a healthy, collaborative, and inclusive  gaming scene for everyone. We won’t tolerate abuse of our community, and will not support any event that does not have a anti-harassment policy. More about the problem.

Games for the Economically Disadvantaged

There’s a large number of roleplaying game fans who are economically disadvantaged or marginalized, and unable to purchase luxury goods like games due to their circumstances. If you want some of our games and this describes your circumstances, please  contact us  and we will do our best to help.

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